Who We Are

Insurance Advocates

Morris Financial Group has become a premier employee benefits organization. The uniqueness of our company lies in its ability to serve clients on many fronts under one roof. Whether you’re an individual or a business, each client is treated as top priority.

It doesn’t matter if we’re representing a large corporation or a small startup business in the health insurance marketplace; we do it with integrity. Service is our strength, and we take pride in providing excellent support staff to ensure goal attainment.

But don’t take our word for it. Experience it. Join the many satisfied clients who understand that Morris Financial Group is their key to unlocking future financial success.


Benefit Resource Representatives

Our clients often comment on how knowledgeable our representatives are. They frequently say that their representative’s experience was the single biggest contributor to the success of their goals.

The right amount of experience can help a project avoid fatal missteps. The right amount of experience tells you what the opportunities are. The right amount of experience tells you what policies should be in place. The right amount of experience tells you how to work with your
employees and how to understand what it is they are telling you. The right amount of experience allows the final solution to be one that meets both the needs of the business as well as the needs of the workforce.